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Tiara by Ashish Vijay is a Dubai-based family-run jewelry business established in the year 2013. It was, however, in 1961, following Mr. Kamal Chand Jain’s passion for gemstones and jewelry that the business found its footing in the world of high-quality gems, jewels, and a unique collection of precious stones including diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, alexandrites, among other precious stones, procured from all over the world.

“Our customers look for quality, which is the only thing that lasts”

Ashish vijay


Mr. Kamal Chand Jain, grandfather of Ashish Vijay was invited to join a jewelry store owned by a few family friends as a salesman in New Delhi, India. He would leave home at 7 AM and return only by 11 PM after a whole day’s hard work and toil. This is where Kamal Chand Jain earned the reputation of a hardworking and honest man among his customers which included a Japanese buyer who, upon learning that Mr. Jain was paid pocket money instead of a salary every month, offered to help him start his own business. This step catapulted a small yet popular business where Mr. Kamal Chand Jain began selling precious gems and jewels to the Japanese community living in New Delhi.

In due course, supported by his Japanese clients, the business grew to newer heights by 1968, when he opened a store near the diplomatic area in New Delhi and acquired clients from USSR and other countries, gradually gaining trust for their clean business practices, impeccable quality, and utmost customer excellence. Ashish Vijay’s father Mr. Vijay Kumar Jain joined the family business in 1978 at the age of 23, which took their business to greater success as a result of the promising partnership between the father-son duo.

"People come to jewelers to do good for their families,so we shall be honest to them. If you are honest you can make a long-time legacy." - Vijay Kumar Jain


As a young boy of 4, Ashish Vijay was exposed to several precious stones around him which taught him how to understand gems and their different kinds, along with learning negotiation skills from his father and being able to grasp what the customer was looking for, and in turn, offer them exactly that. AV joined his father in the business during his college days, which he would manage along with academics. The shift of the business from Delhi to Dubai and Hong Kong subsequently helped them connect with a large number of clientele from varied backgrounds. Choosing Dubai as their base was a well-thought-out choice as doing business from Dubai proved to be faster, feasible, and more comfortable. Today, Ashish Vijay is the proud owner of the world’s most expensive fancy purplish-red diamond, as well as green, blue, and pink diamonds; a large collection of alexandrites, which are often referred to as “emerald by day, ruby by night” by many gem aficionados, and more.


For Tiara by Ashish Vijay, serving quality gems and a great customer experience is their primary goal. Tiara's specialization in jewelry is of various precious and semi-precious stones, stetted rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and other kinds in modern, traditional, and contemporary designs. Mr. Ashish Vijay believes that the customer must first trust them before they take home an investment they've made in a precious gemstone or piece of jewelry that will become a part of their family heirloom. Tiara by Ashish Vijay provides a full certification and requisite guarantees on the product with every purchase so that the value of the jewel is retained for the customer for a lifetime and beyond.

Diamond and Gemstone Fund

The Diamond and Gemstone Fund is a stellar fund that will have the rarest of rare gemstones initially sourced from Alrosa in Russia and Petra and DeBeers in South Africa. Eventually, stones may be sourced from other places, provided that they fulfill the covenant criteria. The initial inventory will include pink diamonds and gemstones certified by GIA and Argyle. Tiara by Ashish Vijay, the sponsors of the bond, will take the initiative to identify new sources and additional assets.