Tiara Gems & Jewellery is an internationally recognized specialist of rare natural colored diamonds and gem stones. Tiara Gems & Jewellery is a 4th generation family business of Gems & Jewels that carne into existence in the year 2013. TIARA deals in high quality Gems & Jewels and has unique collection of Gems & Jewels from across the world like Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Star Ruby, Cat’s Eyes, etc.

We at Tiara Gems & Jewellery see ourselves as service providers. We believe that this philosophy is what defers us from other companies.

Mr. Ashish Vijay Jain who is the Founder, Chairman of Tiara Gems & Jewellery have made it his first priority to give an extensive and personalized services, to make sure that each client is satisfied. At Tiara Gems & Jewellery, all requests are taken seriously, no matter the amount, and no matter how much work it may take to find that perfect diamond, with just the right color.

In addition to running the company and the day to day business in the office, Ashish has created a number of collections of exclusive, rare natural color diamond jewels. Over the years, he has developed the thought of using these unique diamonds to create custom made, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery, which has yielded an increasingly large clientele searching for those special, out of the ordinary jewels, in all budget ranges.

Our high quality artwork, unique collection of Gems & Jewels and focus on superior customer service and satisfaction kept us growing day by day. Our company is a good mix of traditional values with the modern edge and is ready to take on to the new world with the legacy of experiences and values that are embedded in us.

In the Retail space we continue to ensure that we capture mindshare and boost our reputation by periodically holding exclusive exhibitions of our collection. The company promotes certain fancy color diamonds as excellent investment opportunities, and employs investment professionals who offer content, education, and advice.

Expertise through our ever-active team of global associates, we are able to procure goods from the markets worldwide, in large quantities/qualities and fulfil our customers demands in a consistent and timely manner. We understand our customers and the ever evolving trends in the market. Our collection of various Gems & Jewels and the unique style of workmanship is the result of our continuous efforts and experience gained from generations in the trade. We are known and appreciated by our clients for having a unique and authentic collection of various stones such as the rare alexandrite, cat's eye, blue sapphires star rubies and diamonds.

Our Mission

We want TIARA , brand to be a benchmark of good practice, innovation and transparency.

• We want to commit to our clients the highest standards of cut, polish and symmetry in manufacturing of colored diamonds and gem stones.
• We want to deploy and invest in the most advanced IT systems available, ensuring optimum efficiency in all business functions.
• We pledge to invest in world class research and development to ensure constant innovation and unmatched service.